3 Top Ways to Get Rid of and Prevent Ticks on Dogs

1. Check for ticks after going outside. Look between toes, inside ears, between legs and around the neck, deep in the fur. If you do find a tick, remove carefully and make sure to get all parts of the tick’s body.

2. Use preventative products.  There are many products available to help protect your pet and kill ticks on contact such as sprays, spot on treatments, oral medications and collars both natural and chemical. Topical sprays kill ticks quickly and provide protection. Be careful around your dog’s face. Spot on treatments like Frontline are applied on a monthly basis. Oral medications such as Advantus come in pill form and are given once a month. Collars such as Seresto can last up to eight months.

3. Treat your house and yard. Keeping your lawn, bushes and trees trimmed will help reduce the population of fleas and ticks in your area. Consider using household and yard sprays such as Wondercide, Zodiac and Earth Animal.