5 Fall/Winter Safety Tips for Your Pets

Reflective Collars and Gear: As the days get shorter and dusk comes sooner, reflective collars and gear should be part of your fall/winter arsenal.

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Leash: Keep your pet on a leash. Most dogs are lost in the winter than any other season. Be aware of partially frozen ponds where unleashed dogs may run.

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Hypothermia and Frostbite: Two conditions you should be aware of. Prolonged exposure can be life threatening. Signs of hypothermia include shivering, shallow breathing, weak pulse or lethargy. Frostbite signs include discolored skin, swelling or blisters.

Anti-Freeze: This sweet smelling chemical is deadly. Clean up all spills and consider switching to a safer Propylene Glycol product.

Paw Thaw

Ice Melt: Ice melt can irritate your pets’ sensitive skin. Wipe their paws and for those small pets who are close to the ground, their bellies too.

Autos: Just like in the summer months, winter can be dangerous too. Vehicles can act as refrigerators by holding the cold in.